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Website or Application

A lot of people keep asking "website or appication?". The answer is simple, you can have a website or an application or either, it depends on the idea. Still a bit confused? keep reading...

SEO marketing analytic tool - website versus appication
SEO marketing analytic for a website - website or application.

Before we delve right in, for clarity sake; Website are www(world wide web) sponsored and you will always need an internet connection to get tuned.

Applications are of two categories - web applications and offline applications. Web apps needs internet connection, and offline apps don't. This means, if your idea needs constant access and does not require complex interpersonal functions, offline application is the best shot.

Websites Are Better For Services And Product Sales

The first line of search for a customer in need of a service or product is the world wide web, through search engines like google. A major advantage of websites is search engine optimization(SEO). With a well structured SEO you can outrank you competitors.

What do I mean by outrank?

When customers searches a keyword related to your niche for example "best make up services". A list of brands pops up. Well, only a good SEO will make your brand top the list. SEO brought revolution to online marketing.

There are tons of companies out there that can help you rank your website, so you don't have to worry.

Don't get me wrong, you can have an application to sell products and services, but that should be after you've gotten a good level of popularity. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, and even Godaddy started with a website.

Application Are Better For Larger Business/Companies

If your company requires a lot of large documents, pictures and videos, having an application will be a good choice. Lots of large files on a website slows it down and slow sites might not rank well with SEO.

You may have noticed that popular platforms like Amazon and Facebook will always advice you use their application for speed and better experience.

How can I market my app?

The most popular way to market your app is by using google playstore, App store or Microsoft store. Though, there are other sites where you can market your app but these big 3 are the best at it so far.

You can also market your application by writing SEO article on a blog post and adding a download link to your application.

Application Is Best For Games

If you've ever tried playing a high definition game on a website, then you should know how messy it is. Really slow and head-aching. If you want to go into games, then application is the best shot.

Games are generally stocked with a lot of graphics which has a way of making them slow. Creating a game as an application solves this problem, click to get an application..

Example of a web application game:

online application
Online application - Clash of clans

Example of an off-line application game:

offline application
Offline application - Candy crush

try comparing this article with your idea and answer the question yourself; Do you really need a website or an application?

Still not satisfied? Reach out to us to find out more about having an application or a website.

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