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Why Have Your Own Online Space?

Having an online space can not be over emphasized as a business owner. Nevertheless, a business can succeed without one. Having one basically help expand your horizon.

Every business that has a system should have a space.

In this article I will be explaining 5 reasons why you should have a space.


The internet is a global village, and most people haven't realized this yet, if you have, you'd probably not be reading this article right now, but rather just get it over with and get a space.

Having a website or landing page is one of the best marketing strategies you could use. It promises effectiveness and authenticity to customers. These days having a website is like having a certificate, funny right? But that's how the internet has made it look like to customers.

Before we land into the second reason, let me explain what a landing-page is, 'cause i'm sure some might be asking.

A landing page is conventionally a single page website that should contain a compilation of the services you offer. Noticed that I didn't include products? 'cause you'd need an actual website to sell products, it's rare to see a cloth vendor with a landing page, but not impossible.

Popular niches that mostly use landing-page are photography, cosmetics and make-up services.

Professional Appearance And Trust

I'm pretty sure you have an idea on where I am going to. An online space improves customer's trust and how professional your business looks.

You might be asking how?

Well, customers always look for something to hold on to. In cases something goes wrong, they need something to blame or criticize. You should also know that your customers can make and mar you, so be careful.

84% of todays customers thinks a space makes a business/company more credible.

A Chance To Tell Customers More About Your Products Or Services

You can be satisfied with having social media pages only if you want to remain small scale. Most social media platforms, if not all provides a minimal number of characters to explain what you do, and it's never enough.

Example - Instagram make room for 150 characters,

Facebook - 101 characters

Pinterest - 160 characters

Even if you feel it is enough, it's not enough for top rated clientele, they need more than just few lines. On the other hand, a space gives you leverage to explain as much as you can about your company.

Reviews And Sample Work

Your website/landing-page can be a medium to display customers reviews. Good services attracts good reviews and good reviews attracts potential clientele, and they in return cause your business growth, I could go on and on.

Clients are generally indecisive, some prefer getting recommendations before trying something new. Reviews and sample works are recommendations, and trust me, it's something you might want to look into.

You Can Get All Of These Benefits Without Spending A Fortune

Having a website is more affordable than it used to be. If you're willing to follow a simple, non-technical DIY approach, you can build a website for as little as 70$ per year. Get a website.

So do you really need a space for your company or business? the answer is yes, you do if you are concerned about growth of what you do.

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